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Specialized legal solutions

A law firm which offers efficient and creative solutions for all your legal needs.

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    Madrid law firm

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    The Legal profession should demand a genuine and deeply felt commitment to its clients. For this reason, the founders of Global-Law decided to leave their successful careers with other law firms in order to set up their own firm with the aim of offering a more personalized service. The aim was to establish a law firm in Madrid whose founding principle was to offer a personalized service adapted to the individual needs of each and every client.

    Over the seven years of its existence, Global-Law has achieved that aim. We offer a completely personalized service for our clients who we treat not as a client but as an individual, each one with its own characteristics and specific needs. Global-law does not only stand out for its legal expertise but also, and above all, for its the personalized service we offer.

    The law firm

    Global -Law was founded in 2013 by two young lawyers, Jose Alfredo
    Dominguez Tuset and Julio Escalera García who both already had a proven track record in the legal profession in different international law firms based in
    What makes Global-Law different is its excellent and personalized customer service. This is the fundamental principle on which our law firm was founded. The lawyers who make up our firm are totally committed to their clients and their priority is always to treat each and every client as an individual.
    Global-Law is much more than just a law firm. It is a place where ideas are created, of legal and financial projects and challenges. For this reason, the possibility exists of playing a direct role in the development of projects (Start Ups being one such example). Not just offering legal advice but offering genuine business models.


    we offer

    Please take the time to look at the services we can offer you. Our dedication in
    all areas of the law guarantees the very best results.

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    We are well aware of how confusing legal procedures can be. We are here to
    help. The wide experience of our legal team is here to guide you.

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    Divorce, Inheritance, Mortgages, Legal Obligations, Contracts, Nationality. All
    these areas of the law are covered by our firm with extremely high level of
    professionalism and efficiency. Hundreds of successful cases speak for

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    If you have any manner of problem with your company´s fiscal obligations,
    please call us. We will be at your service to analyze the situation and implement
    the optimum measures in order to solve the problem.

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    Commercial Law

    In Global-Law we can protect the interests of companies who need services
    related to Commercial Law. Corporate Law, Contract Law, Mergers and
    Acquisitions, Intellectual and Industrial Property and Conflict Resolution.

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    Have you been unfairly dismissed or made redundant? Are you having legal
    problems at work? Have you been furloughed and are unsure how to proceed?
    Contact us and we will study each individual case in detail.

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    Are you in need of a Law Firm who can defend your interests in court? Count
    on us, we are specialists in analyzing and resolving legal problems.

    A specialised law firm

    One of our priorities is specialization in various and distinct areas, offering “Made to measure” legal solutions for every client. For this reason our law firm specializes in legal assessment and advice to large companies, SMIs, Start Ups, as well as individual clients, adapting our advice and expertise to the individual circumstances of each client. In Global-Law we consider ourselves part of the “chain of values” of the client, identifying how and where we can help and adapting to their individual needs.
    This commitment means we can offer a team of highly qualified professionals who can offer quality and experience as well as a high level of knowledge of the area in which each client offers its services. The current economic situation is complex with an enormous amount of legislation in all areas and competencies in different areas of Public Administration. For this reason detecting and anticipating the needs of each sector is invaluable to our clients.

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    Contact us

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals will analyze each
    case on an individual bases and help you to find the best option for your needs.

    Does your company need advice regarding Commercial Law? We are experts in Corporate and Contract Law, in Mergers and Acquisitions, in the setting up of Start Ups, and in Industrial and Intellectual Property. Our knowledge and experience come from years of close involvement with this area of law. We offer a specialized and personalized service.

    The same can be said for Procedural Law. We are here to help you in all areas of Civil, Criminal, Administrative and Labour law. Are you looking for legal aid regarding International Fiscal law, Wealth Assessment, and Tax Issues. We are here to help. Do you need help in the areas of International Trade, Transport or Litigation? Again, we are here to help.


    With Global-Law you are not alone. We are only too aware how you may feel when dealing with banks. We can offer you our support and our ideas.

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    Do you feel that your insurance company is not complying with your policy? Do you feel deceived? At Global-Law we can analyze each individual case. There is always a solution.


    We can help you in all internal conflicts that may arise and all other aspects of Corporate law. We will ensure that your interests and that of your company are protected.

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    Lawyers in the city of Madrid

    We are fully aware that there are many Law Firms in Madrid. An enormous range from which to choose. Why should you choose Global-Law? Our firm can offer you experienced and specialized professionals with a highly successful and proven track record. We are proud of the fact that we have not loss a single case and we strive every day for this to continue to be the case. Whatever your needs or expectations may be, the best solution is to contact us and let us deal with your case. We are experts in carrying out quick and precise analysis, in drawing up creative and dependable strategies and in successfully carrying them out. Place your trust in a team of dedicated professionals.

    Lawyers you can count on

    In Global-Law we are specialists in conflict resolutions as well as the anticipation, identification, and prevention of those conflicts. We can offer you a genuinely professional, individual and customized service to put your mind at ease. From the very start your case and your needs are our priority and we are totally committed to helping you as best we can.

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    Contact us by filling in our form or by calling us directly on 911923480

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    Explain your case to us in detail so that we can draw up a customized solution
    adapted to your needs.

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    We will present you with a quote with no obligation.

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    Do you agree with our customized action plan? We will get to work right away.

    Contact us

    If you need the help of a lawyer in Madrid, if you need lawyers who will defend your rights or if you need any type of legal advice Global-Law is the answer. We are here to help in any way you may need. Please don’t hesitate to contact us

      Tel: (+34) 911 923 480
      Fax: (+34) 911 923 481
    Office: Alcalá st., 209, 28028 Madrid

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