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Integral Counseling

With the aim of finding an adequate resolution to legal questions which may arise due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has created an economic, social and health crisis, we have set up a working group of professionals in order to collect, interpret and coordinate the legal measures being taken by the Government. People who may be interested will be able to receive quick and effective assistance regarding the new legal measures that are being taken.

Legal coverage

Those affected are both people and businesses. The areas in which the main
changes have taken place and which we can be of help are:

The renegotiation and revision of all types of commercial contracts both of
businesses and of consumers. Private and business tenancy agreements,
mortgages, insurance policies, distribution, services and e-commerce.
Assessment and processing of consultations and procedures in the work place (Furloughs, drawing up of contracts and redundancies). Company restructuring and reorganizing. Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.
Assessment, evaluation and processing of debts and obligations in order to be
eligible for the “Law of Second opportunity” which is a protection mechanism
to avoid or settle the payment of debts.
Civil procedures for contractual and extracontractual responsibility. Overall
responsibility of the institutions of the public administration (Health care, care
homes, etc.) in case of possible negligence.
Administrative appeals regarding sanctions and fines imposed by the national
security forces during the state of emergency for failure to comply with the restriction of freedom of movement.
Tax assessment and processing of grants and benefits from the public

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